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Beat the Workday Blues with Rocksalt's Daily Happy Hour

Feeling fried after work? Brain feeling like mush? Us too!  The only thing keeping you going is the dream of a delicious drink (and maybe some fries, we get it).

Don't worry, Rocksalt is here to be your Happy Hour hero! We offer amazing drink specials every single day to chase away those workday blues.

Here's why Rocksalt's Happy Hour is your best friend after work:

Super Low Prices: House drinks, beers, and wines start at just $7 and up. Treat yourself without breaking the bank! #Winning

Happy Hour, Every Day: Forget waiting for Thursdays! Rocksalt's Happy Hour is your daily escape from the daily grind. Every day deserves some fun!

Drinks for Everyone: Love beer? Wine? Fancy cocktails? Our Happy Hour menu has something for everyone, no matter your taste.

The Perfect Spot to Chill: Rocksalt's got a cool vibe, perfect for catching up with coworkers, hanging out with friends, or just relaxing with a solo drink. No judgment here!

So ditch the stress and head to Rocksalt's Happy Hour! Grab a drink (or two, we won't tell!), unwind, and recharge for whatever fun awaits you this evening.

See you there!

P.S. Craving some delicious Modern Australian food after work? Rocksalt is one of Melbourne's many fantastic Modern Australian restaurants, so stick around and explore our menu after your happy hour drinks!

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