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Sunday Funday: Bring the Family to Rocksalt for Fun and Food

Updated: 4 days ago

When Sundays come, can Family time be far behind? These are the days when you unwind, refresh, and recharge yourself for the week ahead. Family outings are one of the ways that can help you with this rejuvenation process. 

What could be a better option than picking one of the most family friendly restaurants Melbourne has to offer? 

Owing to our wholesome chefs, cordial staff, an unmatched ambience, terrific views by the bay, and diverse dishes from the Australian cuisine, Rocksalt Restaurant becomes the primary pick for every family here. 

Good Morning, Melbourne! It’s time for Breakfast 

If you start your day with our hearty Big Brighton Breakfast and a regular cup of our pristine Earl Grey - not only do the conversations grow better, but the curative smash of spinach, grilled tomato, chorizo, hash browns, bacon and homemade baked beans, with two eggs, tickles your the food-bones of your entire family.

However, if you want your family to adventure further into this culinary journey, dip into our Breakfast Burrito. Wrapped with chorizo, cheese, avocado, salsa tomatoes, bean raft, fresh chillies and scrambled eggs, the taste buds shall only yearn for more. Alternatively, there’s the lighter counterpart - Avo Smash, the one that comes with cherry tomatoes, smashed avocado, cheese, a poached egg and multi-grain toast.

Lunch Break is on: Feed your Food Fantasy! 

As the family gathers around to watch the beautiful bay from our windows, the time comes for delving into the all-day dining.

You can choose to refresh your family’s taste buds with the tasty Thai Beef Salad - that has got the right set of fried shallots, Thai glass noodles, mixed salad dressings, onion, Thai cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, all with a hot Nam Jim dressing!

Our substantial options, include our signature Burger - the Rocksalt Signature Burger - which is inclusive of the Wagyu beef patty, onion which is caramelised, tomato, beetroot, mustard aioli, tomato relish, crispy pork belly, pickled gherkins lettuce, and cheddar. Fills the tummy, and also hits the F-Spot.

If your family loves exploration, our Turkish Tom Mozz Bruschetta is your go-to dish. Cooked with yum mozzarella cheese, coupled with feta on toasted bread, and adding the basil and balsamic glaze, makes it an inevitable try.

The Dinner is Long and Full of Flavours: Add some Wine? 

Finally, we have reached the hour where two courses have already been sumptuous, you can ask your family to go easy with our Paella!

It’s one of the topnotch seafood dishes in entire Melbourne, containing saffron-infused rice, salmon, mussels, prawns, calarmia, scallop, barramundi, chorizo, all infused in rich, savoury flavours, with red capsicum added to it. Served with lemon wedges, this dish is going to make your night phenomenal.

Nonetheless, if you are a fan of Meat n Greet, your family should be tasting our Porter House Steak, served with steamed greens, and potato rosti, with sauces of your preference.

If meat doesn’t serve your palate and life choices, our Wild Mushroom Risotto awaits your presence. Bring on a creamy delight of aged Parmesan, wild mushroom ragu and spinach, to conjure your senses into deliciousness.

Wrapping Up The Day! 

If there’s any room left in your bellies, flirt with your sweet tooth through our caramel custards, warm chocolate cakes, or perfect puddings.

Else, you can add some wine to your dinner delights, from our deluxe collection of beverages. However, if you do not wish to indulge in drinking on family day, you're welcome to tap our Happy Hours any other day of the week, from 11am to 7pm.

Now that we know about the venue that serves us a triple treat on Sundays, bring your friends and family to Rocksalt on Bay Street, Brighton to craft some irreplaceable memories. Looking forward to hosting you!


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