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Waffles or Pancakes? Rocksalt Has Your Weekend Brunch Cravings Covered!

Updated: 4 days ago

It's a weekend morning in Melbourne! You wake up, ready for breakfast in Melbourne – but wait! Waffles or pancakes? This is a tough choice!


Don't you worry, brunch buddies! Rocksalt is here to help you pick your perfect plate with a fun little quiz:


1. Saturday mornings are for:


(a) Sleeping in then BRUNCH!

(b) Waking up slow and maybe some yoga or a walk, then BRUNCH! ‍


2. Who's joining you for brunch?


(a) A bunch of friends for a fun catch-up!  

(b) Your special someone for a cosy date!  


3. Your coffee order is all about:


(a) Strong espresso, double shot, gotta wake up fast!  

(b) Creamy latte with a little sweetness, weekends are for chilling!  


Add up your A's and B's!


Mostly A's: You're a waffle warrior! You need a big, fun dish to match your energy. Fluffy waffles are perfect for piling high with yummy toppings, sweet or savoury! ️


Mostly B's: You're a pancake pro! You love the simple things in life, and your brunch is no different. Rocksalt's Vanilla Bean Flavoured 3 Pancake Stack are light and fluffy, perfect for soaking up all your favourite syrups and jams. 


Still can't decide? No worries! Rocksalt caters to all brunch personalities. We're more than just waffles and pancakes!


Craving something French-inspired? Dive into our decadent French Toast.


Feeling health-conscious? Our Sunrise Symphony is a beautiful harmony of overnight coconut-soaked chia seeds, mango and passion fruit coulis, vanilla yogurt, granola crunch, and fresh fruit.


Bonus Round: Rocksalt also offers:

The Big Brighton Breakfast: Rocksalt smorgasbord featuring Canadian bacon, spinach, roasted tomatoes, forest mushrooms, hashbrowns, Spanish sausage, and a homemade bean ragout, all served with your choice of two free-range eggs cooked to perfection.


The Beany Benny: Two perfectly poached eggs nestled on a bed of our hearty bean and sausage casserole. Parmesan potato rosti and wilted spinach add depth, while a silky hollandaise sauce ties it all together.


So ditch the decision fatigue and head over to Rocksalt this weekend. We serve one of the best brunch in Melbourne. We'll have your brunch cravings covered, no matter your waffle, pancake, or any other brunch preference!


Ready to brunch with us? Visit Rocksalt this weekend and savour your favorites!

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